Witch Class

Witches are a variety of Magic-User, with their own spell lists and abilities.
h2. Spells:

Level 1:


Duration: 1 month per caster level, or for duration stated, as long as it does not go over one month/level

Range: In view. Familiars do not count for this, as it generally requires a gesture, word, etc.

Hex allows the caster to cause one target to have minor detrimental effects. Treat as -3 to all rolls, unless there is a specific effect stated. For example a Hex is cast on a peasant with the description “Whenever he uses a sharp object, let there be a risk of harming himself”. Anytime he cuts wood, uses a pitchfork, cuts meat, etc. roll as though he were attacking himself.


Duration: One year/level, or for duration stated provided it does not exceed one year per level of the caster.

Range: Self

This spell allows the witch to make minor alterations to his or her general appearance. -4 on rolls to determine identity.


Duration: Instantaneous

Range 10’

An Ignite spell will set fire to any reasonably flammable substance – wood, paper, and oil are all included, but hair, cloth, etc. are not. The DM should use their discretion with respect to this, keeping in mind that it is not an attack spell.

Find Familiar:

Duration: Instantaneous

Range: 5 miles

This spell allows the witch to summon an animal and use it as a familiar (For more on familiars, see the magic-user spell of the same name). Depending on what is negotiated at or before the time of casting, the witch will either roll randomly on a full list of all animals that can be encountered within the radius, or choose a specific type.

Level 2:

Totem Sheath

Range: Personal

Duration: As long as the totem is held, or until it is destroyed. Does not count as held if the hand, tentacle, etc. is severed

This spell requires the caster to take one day to carve a small figurine from wood, stone, soap, or some other material. This does not have an effect on the strength of the spell, only on how difficult it is to break. They must then take an additional two hours to bind a spirit to the carving. When this totem is grasped, and the spirit’s name called, it will protect the wielder from small weapons, such as arrows, daggers, shortswords, etc. but not longswords or weapons larger than them.

Level 3:


Range: 10 miles per caster level

Duration: Permanent

Many witches have a signature curse. The exact effects of this spell vary, and are established between the player and the DM. Some examples of curse effects are:

General affliction: -10 to all rolls, – 5 STR and CON.

Bleed: All wounds do an additional 3d6 damage, inflicted over 2 rounds.

Pain Transference: Any damage done to the witch or another specific target (one person) is transferred to the afflicted party, OR half of any damage caused by the target to another is shunted back.

Special features:


Witches can (Though not all of them have to, and most don’t) make alliances with extra-planar creatures.

The main forms are:

The Daemoniorum Pacem (Peace of Demons).

The Foedus Angelorum (Compact of Angels) .

And the Foris Vinculum (Bond of Outsiders) – a general term referring to alliances with other extra-planar creatures, such as the Kiin’Adu, Hunaal, or the Duun’Variin.

All of these have specific benefits, and all witches will be approached at the beginning of the game by a representative of each group. If they choose not to accept a deal with any of them, nothing further happens. If they do though, then they will have benefits and restrictions as negotiated with the DM.

Let’s take a look at some examples of each of the three:

[Note: All of the following are simply examples. They can be used, but players are encouraged to ask for their own benefits, and DMs to create their own costs.]

Daemoniorum Pacem: Marianne of Lamir:

She was approached by a demon named Nantuana, who offered her visions of the future and increased magical ability, in return for the sacrifice of a dog each week. The dog must be burned alive in Sessir Oil, and then eaten by her companions.

All spells are cast as though she is one level higher than she is.

She can prepare an addition spell each day.

She can use Precognition (as the spell) once per day at no cost.

Foedus Angelorum: Rothil Oorlog:

He was spoken to in a dream by an angel named Tospirxatael, who gave him special spells and powers in return for converting ‘heretics’. (One follower of another religion per month must be converted, and brought back to a church of Xomut and Rezaz for purification)


Angel’s Favor: Reroll any failed roll once per day.

Rewards of Faith: Once per day, he can heal 2d20 HP. Additional HP over any damage taken will be used as temporary hitpoints – they will protect the character from harm, but cannot be restored. /This rule is subject to the Big D30 Rule, with the following modification: The player will roll 2D30 instead of replacing both./

Foris Vinculum: Too numerous to list here, as it includes all other extra-planar creatures.

Witches can create potions.

The witch must know the recipe and have the ingredients. Optionally, there must be a certain number of them, as well. For example:

Potion of Cure Light Wounds:

Leshtir-grass (1 lb.)

Kobold Bone Marrow (One armbone worth)

Bugbear Liver (Whole)

Orc Eyeballs (5)

It will take 5 hours to create one.

Potions will fail on a roll of 1-2 on a d6. This reflect the difficulty of getting temperature, etc. exactly correct on a wood fire.

Witch Class

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