Welcome Redditors!

This is a community set up so that redditors can meet up for a dungeon delves and more long term campaigns. It is open system (D&D, PF, Call of Cthulu, etc.) and media (maptool, wave, etc.)

For more information (or to schedule a visit to the hall) visit the hall of heroes subreddit (/r/hallofheroes).

The setting as described by poeir is as follows:

The Hall of Heroes is a famous location, known of by every adventurer who ever held a sword, fired a bow, or waved a wand. In some sense it’s an afterlife, in another sense a graveyard. It’s easy to find if you know where to look, though few know where to look. It takes a few days to get there, no matter where you start or how you travel.

The door is plain, but clearly ancient. It has been repaired many times over and shows scars of every possible kind of damage. You knock on the door. A man who looks to be mere days away from being called old answers the door.

“Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. Come in. Have a look around.” The man leads you in. “We’ll start with the good stuff.”

Floating orbs in tidy rows stretch into the distance, as far as the eye can see. Looking back the door is already gone, replaced with only more orbs.

“Every one of these was a hero of their world. Some to many…” He removes a glowing white orb from the air, pensively examining it. “And some to few,” he says, swapping the white orb for one filled with dark grey smoke. He quickly replaces the grey orb.

“Some were great; this one single handedly saved his planet no less than a dozen times. This one over here discovered healing magic on her world. I don’t remember what this one did…” he says, taking a green and brown orb. “Ah, yes,” he says putting it back. "Others were not as great. This one made sure his family always had food. This one was a soldier who died in his first battle.

“Their tales are without number. Oh, no one quite remembers them exactly the way they happened, but they’re kept near enough. Here. Why don’t you ask this one what it remembers,” he says, taking an orb of spiraling white and black and handing it to you.
Your mind goes blank. As it recovers the memories you have are no longer your own.